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Chocolate has been in the ‘modern’ world for over 500 years and was first popularized in Spain in the early 1500’s by Hernando Cortez after he observed its value to the Mayan and Aztec Indians. At that time, it was consumed as a drink in the form of a cold, foamy, spicy, bitter mixture made from cocoa paste, water and spices. The Indians viewed chocolate as a symbol of power and strength and used cocoa beans as currency.

During the 1600s, it was a very popular drink with the French and British nobility and its taste was refined with cinnamon, cloves or wine. It was first served in solid form by the British in the mid 1700s. Key advances in its processing and manufacturing were made throughout the 1800s. Many of these processing techniques are still used today and are key factors in determining the ultimate taste of fine chocolate.

Similar to wine, the flavor of chocolate is a function of cocoa bean type and origin as well as processing technique. There are three varieties of cocoa beans grown in specific regions of the world, each with its own unique taste. Bean fermentation, roasting, grinding and conching (mixing) further refine the taste of the chocolate. Schedule one of our popular chocolate tasting parties to learn more about how these factors influence the taste of chocolate.

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