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The average American consumes 11 pounds of chocolate each year, but how many people really experience the many flavors of chocolate?

Experience: CHOCOLATE, LLC is dedicated to acquainting all chocolate lovers with premium chocolate brands and the factors that influence their taste. We conduct fun, informational, hands-on chocolate tasting parties that enable participants to experience the many nuances of chocolate flavor. You provide the guests, we provide everything else you’ll need to host an enjoyable and entertaining chocolate tasting event. Read what people are saying about Experience: CHOCOLATE® Chocolate Tastings.

Experience: CHOCOLATE, LLC believes that consuming good chocolate has a positive effect on one’s mood or psyche. We use a variety of packaged gourmet chocolates from around the world in our tasting events to illustrate the many nuances of chocolate flavor.

Chocolate tastings are perfect for both social and office gatherings. Gather your friends, family or colleagues and start experiencing chocolate like never before! Call 617-840-4766 or email questions@experiencechocolate.com to schedule a chocolate tasting event today!

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