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Chocolate and Wine

Boston Women's Journal
Boston, Massachusetts -- October/November 2006

Chocolate and wine ... taken separately, they are two of life's greatest indulgences! Pairing them together, however, requires some thought and planning to get the most from your taste experience! That's because both foods contain hundreds of flavor components that can compete with or overpower each other when consumed together.

As with any wine and food pairing, one can pair similar flavor notes of sweetness and intensity or choose contrasts. Overall, we like pairing semisweet and bittersweet dark chocolate with stronger red wines or ports, while milk and white chocolate are better complemented by sweeter white wines or lighter reds. There is a popular notion that champagne and chocolate pair well together. That may be for chocolate based desserts, but pure chocolate and champagne can actually clash on one's palette. The champagne's acidity may cause it to appear sour or tart next to the sweetness of the chocolate.

Three of our favorite combinations are a rich milk chocolate (30-40% cocoa content) with Sauterne or sweet Reisling, a semisweet (50-60% cocoa content) dark chocolate with Port or Muscat, and bittersweet (70- 80% cocoa content) dark chocolate with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Like all wine and food pairings, there are many schools of thought on how to pair chocolate and wine. However, only you know what you like best. Trust your own intuition and pair what you enjoy!


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