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Tastefully Done

Daily Candy
February 2007

Being at the head of the class won't always get you heckled. That kid who had all the answers in sex ed never heard a peep.

And here's another subject you'll want to ace: chocolate.

Suzanne Oakley is only too happy to play tutor. Her company, Experience: Chocolate, brings the lessons to you with at-home tasting parties (complete with quizzes and trivia but no unwelcome pop quizzes).

A self-proclaimed chocolate sommelier, she'll guide you and anywhere from six to 40 guests around the globe, bite by bite. She'll bring tasting squares from a range of regions to demonstrate bean varieties. Or she'll split you into groups for a chocolate station scavenger hunt with ganache-covered bon bons.

Our choice? The chocolate and wine class, in which she sets out four of each, along with glassware, tablecloths, and plenty of palate cleansers.

So go ahead and raise your hand.


Chocolate pieces