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Experience: CHOCOLATE® Offers the Best in Chocolate Tasting!

BOSTON, MA ' Chocolate Lovers Rejoice! Starting this Fall, New Englanders will have a new way to discover the difference of fine chocolate through Chocolate Tastings with Experience: CHOCOLATE®.

Experience: CHOCOLATE® is dedicated to acquainting discerning chocolate lovers with premium chocolate brands and the factors that influence their taste. Through fun, informational, and hands-on Chocolate Tastings, we educate discriminating chocolate lovers about exceptional chocolate choices and provide a forum for their convenient purchase. Participants in an Experience: CHOCOLATE™ Chocolate Tasting will have the ability to taste, analyze and rate some of the world's finest chocolate. They will learn the difference between the three varieties of cocoa beans and their different growing regions, and discover the difference in taste between the many chocolates now available from the world's great chocolatiers.

Experience: CHOCOLATE® is the brain-child of Suzanne Oakley. Suzanne is a life-time chocolate lover. She realized early on that anytime is the right time for chocolate, but that certain chocolates are best consumed at different times of the day and in different situations. During her career as a corporate executive in high-tech finance, Suzanne also had the opportunity to discover great chocolates from around the world. With Experience: CHOCOLATE ®, Suzanne is now pursuing her passion for finding and sharing the right chocolate for any situation or occasion.

"Chocolate is even more fun to taste than wine because it has three times as many flavor components. I started the company to help chocolate lovers discover the taste differences between some of the most exceptional chocolates on the market today." said Suzanne Oakley, founder of Experience: CHOCOLATE™ . "I've developed chocolate tasting experiences for in-home parties or neighborhood get-togethers, as well as corporate events. My goal is to provide everything you need for a fun, informative, and (of course) delicious chocolate experience!"

In addition to tasting parties, Experience: CHOCOLATE® offers a number of boxed-chocolate Tasting Experiences™ for its customers. Using a variety of packaged gourmet chocolates from around the world, we've created a number of Tasting Experience™ collections based upon origin of cocoa bean, cocoa content, and manufacturing process that will satisfy the diverse tastes of chocolate lovers throughout New England. Current Tasting Experiences™ can be found at our website www.experiencechocolate.com and include:

  • Taster Anthology™ - a sampler of the finest milk, bittersweet, and artisan collections designed to deliver a wide variety of chocolate experiences.
  • Sweet Serenity™ - a collection of milk chocolate from around the world with a focus on taste and smoothness for a delightfully satisfying experience.
  • Euphoric Indulgence™ - a collection of some of the best semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate bars designed for an exhilarating chocolate experience.
  • Pure Rapture™ - a collection of varietal, single origin, and estate-grown chocolate bars that reveal the wonderful, ever changing flavors of great chocolate.

To discover the difference of fine chocolate with Experience: CHOCOLATE® through one of our Chocolate Tastings or learn more about our boxed Tasting Experiences™, contact Suzanne Oakley at 617-840-4766, email us at questions@experiencechocolate.com, or go to our web site at www.experiencechocolate.com.

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