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Yes, it’s true! You can add variety to your favorite chocolate recipe by using a different kind of chocolate each time you make it! Try Valrhona one time and El Rey or Guittard the next. They are all excellent for baking and will add their own unique chocolate intensity to your creation. Here are some of our favorites.

Quick Chocolate Mousse with Crystallized Ginger
Roland Mesnier, Dessert University
We recommend using Valrhona semisweet or bittersweet chocolate with 65% to 75% cocoa content for this incredibly light and yummy mousse!

Chocolate Crème Brulee
As close to chocolate heaven as it gets, this recipe is easy and incredibly rich! We recommend using Valrhona bittersweet chocolate with 70%-75% cocoa content.

Chocolate Snowball Cookies
These drop cookies literally melt in your mouth with intense, sweet chocolate flavor. Try using Guittard 65% for an extra-special cookie experience!

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