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The flavor of chocolate is a function of cocoa bean type and origin, as well as processing technique. Similar to wine, chocolate has hundreds of flavor nuances, making it a unique individual experience that is fun to share. Our chocolate tasting parties are perfect for bringing people together through employee meetings or client events, fundraisers, holiday parties, family celebrations, or any occasion worthy of chocolate!

An Experience: CHOCOLATE® Chocolate Tasting acquaints discerning chocolate lovers with premium chocolate brands and the factors that influence their taste. Some chocolates have an immediate intense flavor that disappears quickly. Others can be initially bland, with the flavor taking its time to explode and linger in your mouth. Everyday flavor connections such as fruity, nutty, buttery or spicy can be detected as you learn about cocoa content and bean origin for each tasting selection.

Our goal is to educate all chocolate lovers about exceptional chocolate choices. We specialize in private home-based parties and corporate events. We provide everything you’ll need to host a fun and informative chocolate-themed party or event, including our Tasting Techniques Guide and Tasting Evaluation Worksheets. Our parties are hosted by our founder, Suzanne Oakley, whose passion for chocolate perfection shines through in each event.


We currently conduct our chocolate tastings throughout the Boston, Massachusetts metropolitan area. Read what people are saying about Experience: CHOCOLATE®.

Contact us at 617-840-4766 or email questions@experiencechocolate.com to schedule a tasting event today!


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