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Experience: CHOCOLATE®

"We wanted a fun and unique kick-off for our annual company meeting. Our Experience: CHOCOLATE® Scavenger Hunt was the perfect way to bring people together and bond over one of nature's greatest foods: CHOCOLATE!"

"The set-up was beautiful and the chocolate was delicious. Everyone had a great time and we set a very positive tone for the rest of the meeting."

-- Jeanette Tweed, CFO
Business Intelligence Advisors
Boston, MA

"We were looking for an event that would bring our alums in the Boston area together and what could be better than Wine and Chocolate? Alums had a great time reconnecting with each other while tasting the quartet of pairings that was prepared for the group. Not only did the group have a blast but they learned a lot from Suzanne, our Chocolate Sommelier, who was extremely knowledgeable about everything chocolate. The pairings she selected were extremely thoughtful and truly complemented each other. She went above and beyond to create the experience we were looking to have for the alums. We are already looking to schedule another session."

-- Kelly Brennan, Director of Alumnae/i Relations
College of New Rochelle

'What could be better than a party around wine and chocolate?' The holiday Chocolate & Wine pairing event by Experience: Chocolate was a big hit with all of our clients.' We got to indulge ourselves, learn a bit about wine and chocolate, and embrace the spirit of the season.' People are still talking about it, so this event will be a tough act to follow next year!'

-- Bruce Anderson, CEO
IGNITE! High-tech Startups
Boston, MA

"Is there a better way to bond with your co-workers than to do it over chocolate?' The Experience: Chocolate event was terrific.' We really enjoyed working with Suzanne.' The samples are delicious and information great.' We would absolutely do it again.' Plus, the hot chocolate was killer!"

-- Susan Riendeau, RN, BSN, OCN
Radiation Oncology, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Boston, MA

'Every year, we host a Women's Networking event for about 200 professional women. This year, we held a Scavenger Hunt, hosted by Experience: Chocolate. It was a terrific time! Suzanne, our chocolate sommelier, shared some great information, and we indulged ourselves to our heart's content. Experience: Chocolate can make any event even better, and really makes it easy for even large groups of people to interact and have fun!'

-- Denise Wilson, Event Planner
Goulston & Storrs
Boston, MA

'We were looking for something different to attract donors. Chocolate and wine with Experience: CHOCOLATE was a winning combination. Our donors loved it and we made a ton of money for our cause! Keep an eye on our website for more events with Experience: CHOCOLATE.'

-- Julie Nations, Executive Director
Ellie Fund
Boston, MA

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